Media Interviews and reviews Hate's Haunted Slay Ride review © by Mike Haberfelner

Hate's Haunted Slay Ride review © by Mike Haberfelner


Hate's Haunted Slay Ride

USA 2010
produced by
Michael Christopher Lee (executive) for Visual Experiences
directed by
Warren F.Disbrow
starring Bret Washawsky, Paul Kellogg, Daniel Bartlevicz, Jenny Hill, Dan Griffin, Deborah A.Taylor, Joann Murano, Ieasha Rodriguez, Steve Lyon, Jared Migden, Warren F.Disbrow sr
written by Warren F.Disbrow, music by Ben Sbar, Brian Breen, Ken Megill, Dan Brady, visual effects by Michael Christopher Lee

review by
Mike Haberfelner

A direct sequel to Haunted Hay Ride: The Movie, inasmuch as it deals with the aftermath of that movie's killing spree and the attempts to cope by those involved ... but of course, the killer, Hate, still hasn't been caught. And Hate roams the city, killing pretty much everyone who comes in his way, but especially those who take down Halloween decorationms, put up Christmas decorations or wear Santa-outfits. Hate also attacks Rabbi Shaw (Bret Warshawsky), but the rabbi can ward him off thanks to the power of his belief. He then comes to the conclusion that Hate must be some kind of demon ...

Detective Fletcher (Paul Kellogg), a man who has lost his faith after his wife and kids have died in a car accident, cruises the town, hell-bent to find Hate and kill him. More and more evidence though points to the fact that Hate is not quite human, but how is a man who has lost his faith to believe in the supernatural?

Old Man Brock (Warren F.Disbrow sr), the man whose hay ride was attacked in Haunted Hay Ride: The Movie, and Mrs Lorenzo (Joann Murano), whose daughter was the sole survivor of that ordeal, team up to track down and kill Hate, and even though they are an unlikely couple of heroes and way past the age to do such a thing, they do a pretty good job - and if Hate wasn't a supernatural being impervious to bullets, they would have gotten him, too ...

Dan (Dan Bartkewicz) and Betsy (Jenny Hill) have a problem: They are in love with each other, but he's a Jew and she's catholic, and their families might never accept their relationship. But that problem evaporates into thin air when the two of them find themselves on the run from Hate, and suddenly, the synagogue Dan has avoided for years seems to be the only safe place for them ...

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Point is, Rabbi Shaw has done some research on Hate, has tracked his history back to the bible, when God killed all the first-born Egyptians but left the first-born Jews alive because their parents painted their doors with lamb's blood. Accordingly, the rabbi painted all of the synagogue's doors with lamb's blood, and now Hate cannot enter. But while Hate cannot enter, he can create all kinds of fireworks that will make the synagogue seem like hell - that is, until detective Fletcher, who has also found abode in the synagogue, finds his way back to God ...

Hate's Haunted Slay Ride is fun: Basically it's your good old-fashioned slasher with gory murders, a killer with a bizarre mask, and with his future victims running around town like headless chickens. But then, Hate's Haunted Slay Ride is not just that, it's also one of the very few sequels that take the meaning of the word sequel seriously and don't just repeat the events of the first movie in a slightly altered context but really present the events that follow up the first movie. That the Christian iconography is replaced by Jewish iconography is a nice and long overdue change, and it's subtly enough done to not be misunderstood as religious propaganda (as which it was not intended). Add to all of this an ensemble of interesting characters carrying the story and a very compact directorial effort, and you are left with something pretty good ...

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review © by Mike Haberfelner

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