Media Interviews and reviews Hate and the Holidays by Alex Biese

Hate and the Holidays by Alex Biese

Hate and the Holidays

Neptune filmmaker breaks the rules
By Alex Biese
May 31, 2011

In 2008, the character known as Hate terrorized Halloween in local filmmaker Warren Disbrow's shocker "Haunted Hay Ride." Now, Hate has returned to wreak havoc on a whole new season with Disbrow's latest film, "Hate's Haunted Slay Ride" (2010).

Discussing the art of the sequel, Disbrow said, "What they used to do with the old Hammer films, they used to have almost direct sequels, even with the old Universal films they'd have direct sequels where each writer made it a point to destroy the creature in the most dramatic way so whoever got stuck doing it next had a real problem bringing it back.

"With these films, we're trying to do things differently, so when (Hate) just walks away at the end of the first one, that was already breaking a rule. It's really not that hard; with the basic concept of these films, each film is going to be dramatically different. We have two more sequel ideas for this character, and each film is going to look different, be different, take him off in a different direction."

Disbrow, who lives in Neptune, also goes against the grain with "Slay Ride" by crafting what could arguably be called the world's first Jewish horror film: the primary opponent to Hate's holiday season killing spree is a rabbi played by Bret Warshawsky.

"With the holidays, I just saw that as an opportunity for replacing a lot of the Christian, traditional Roman Catholic (beliefs) that have been the backbone of horror films since the beginning with the Jewish beliefs. ... I guess you could say ‘The Golem' (1920) or whatever, but they never really did, as far as I know, a Jewish horror film," Disbrow explained. "I said, ‘Why not?' "

Disbrow will be among the guests at the Saturday Nightmares Horror and Sci-Fi Expo, set for this weekend at the Sheraton Meadowlands Hotel in East Rutherford. And while the director eschews tradition with "Slay Ride," he's excited to rub elbows with some of the convention's old-school guests.

"I tend to be attracted to the older actors that have been around longer, like Barbara Steele, the ones that when I was growing up were around. ... I would say off-hand the one I would really like to talk to would be Michael Gornick because he's a director and a cinematographer and he's a terrific cinematographer, so I'm kind of more attracted in that direction," Disbrow said.

A frequent collaborator of director George Romero, Gornick served as his director of photography on "Martin" (1977), "Dawn of the Dead" (1978), "Knightriders" (1981), "Creepshow" (1982) and "Day of the Dead" (1985).

Later this year, Disbrow will release "Dark Beginnings," the prequel to his 2006 film "Scarlet Moon." Disbrow described the film, which was shot before "Haunted Hay Ride," as "a throwback to when we were doing films that were more violent and erotic and things of that nature. We're trying to work our way a little away from that because we're trying to get a larger audience and have more people willing to finance them. If you stick in the sex and violence market, it's a very limited market."

The Saturday Nightmares Horror and Sci-Fi Expo, Friday through Sunday at the Sheraton Meadowlands Hotel, East Rutherford. For more on the convention, visit For more information on Disbrow and his films, visit

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